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We love Pop Up Shops!!!-Tips for pop up shops

Eight2Seven boutique lives for pop up shops. For those you may not know what a pop up shop is, let us explain brieftly. Pop Up Shop- short term sales space were consumers can shop. Pop up shops is also a great networking envirnoment for both seller and customer. Pop up shops is amazing opporunity for retaliers, even if you have a store front. Overall pop up shops are great experience to be apart of.
Everytime we are involved with a pop up shop we leave with a sense of gratitude. Since we are based online, this is a chance for us to interact with our customers. Not only do we get to chit chat and laugh, we also get feedback that is essential in helping the brand. Meeting our customers face to face is an wonderful experience. We have executed pop up shops soley and also with other vendors. When we part take in pop up shops with other vendors we get to connect with felllow entrepreneurs. We get to share our jounrney and thoughts in owning a small business. Which can be difficult at times, in hearing other entrepreneurs trials & tribulations you dont feel like your all alone. You listen and say “wow, I go through the same thing”. If your lookinng to partner up with someone to do a Pop up shop, do your research on that indiviaul. Know the persons work ethics, are they creditable to work with. If your looking to do a pop up shop, the two main things you need to take into consideration is budget and location. You need to know your budget, you don’t to spend XYZ and you end up taking a lost. Unforunatley you have to spend money to make money, but you need to think smart and work within your budget. Loaction, location, location is key location matters. You dont want to be caught in the middle of no where and wonder “where are the customers?” If you need help in finding out how to be apart of a pop up shops, please utilze eventbrite.com. 75% of the pop up shops we were apart of was found on eventbrite.com, it’s FREE to use this site. All you need is a computer or your phone and patience to search through various events listed. Once you are on the site you can filter excatly the type of event you are looking to be apart of. Using eventbrite.com is a win win situation, also utilize this site if you are creating a pop up shop. It helps you to be a bit more orgainze, you will have access to a list of everyone who RSVP. This will help you understand the number of people that may attend. Below are tips that will benefit you in the long run, GOOD LUCK!!

Tips for a successful Pop Up Shop
Table Presentation(eg. table cloth, sign with brand, table fixtures)
Inventory on hand
Credit Card reader
Change on hand(eg.1,5,10, 20 dollar bills, also coins if neccessary)
Business Cards
Shopping Bags
Sign in sheet (To follow up with new or potential customers)
Free items (eg. Candy, Snacks, water, protional merchandise)
Great customer service

Promote on social media (create an event for the pop up shop on eventbrite.com)

Our next schedule pop up shop 12/13/17 we will be partnering up with BK Girls Night Out @bkgirlsnightout organzier Shinese Brathwaite
333 Lounge
333 Flatbush Ave
Brooklyn, NY
6-10 pm

Other Vendors that will be attendance
Brooklyn Essence (Candle company)
Candi by Joy T (Chole & Isabel Jewlery)
Shea By Sasha(Skin Care Line)
May’s closet (Sunnies & More)
Pieces of Widsom (African inspired Jewlry & More)

use link below to RSVP for the gift shop

2 Responses to We love Pop Up Shops!!!-Tips for pop up shops

  1. Shinese Brathwaite / Reply

    November 26, 2017 at 6:44 pm

    Nice stuff

  2. Nikkie Pryce / Reply

    November 28, 2017 at 6:43 pm

    This was an amazing article and awesome advice! I had no idea so many free resources to locate pop up shops were featured on eventbrite! Thanks for the tips!

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