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Mr.Vegas listening party

International dancehall reaggae artist Mr.Veags famously know for hot singles like “Bruk it down” & “Heads high” release a new album called “soul therapy”. For many who may not know, Mr.Vegas is now recording gospel music. Eight2Seven boutique was invited to Mr.Veags listening party followed by a Q&A from the attending audience. As some of the songs were being played you can see the interaction Mr.Vegas felt while he heard the songs replay to his ears. Mr.Vegas spoke on various life situations he experienced, which in the long run he said brought him closer to father God. It was intriguing having this intimate moment with the artist, hearing his testimony was refreshing. It was a reminder that we are all humans, famous or not. The songs that were played were soothing to soul. Being of Jamaican descent it was inspiring to hear him speak on his life, it was motivational to see another great individual speak on the journey of success. The event was held at a private location, a loft near the manhattan bridge. MarieDriven from Playbook Media did a great job organizing the event. We here at Eight2Seven was glad to attend, it was awesome!

Mr.Vegas new album “Soul Therapy”
now available on iTunes


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