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Eight2Seven x PS 184:Career Day


On Friday May 19 2017 Eight2Seven Boutique had the opportunity to be involved with PS 184 Career Day. We had the honor to speak to 6 classes. When we arrived we were greeted with some of the staff and breakfast. Following schedule the 1st session started at 9 and the last session ended at 12. As we enter the classroom we instantly engage with the youth. The students were in great spirits, we spoke with each class for about 20-25 minutes. We explained to the students how you can handle working in retail corporate America and maintaining the growth of a small business. In each class I had the students to speak out loud their dreams using “I AM”. For instance if they wanted to be a doctor, they had to say I AM a doctor. If a student wasn’t sure what they wanted to be as of yet, they were to say I AM a dreamer. This was a awesome excerise to execute with the students. It was a great feeling being able to inspire and encourage the youth of today that will be leading our future.  The highlight of attending Career Day is that we are going to take one of the students who dream is to become a fashion designer to a fabric store. She’s an inspiring fashion designer and she never been to a fabric store so this will be her 1st trip to one. The face she made when she found out she’s going was priceless. Sometimes we may not know what we are placed on this earth to do, but when opportunities come like this. It’s definitely a reminder that your place on this earth for a purpose. Eight2Seven Boutique wants to say thank you to PS 184 for giving us this day to inspire. The energy was uplifting and motivational. Anyone reading this NEVER give up on your dreams, trust your struggles. Continue to chase your dreams!!!

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