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Eight2Seven Boutique dress featured on Love&HipHop NY

What an amazing feeling? To turn on your television and boom you see one of your items on national television. What more of a blessing that can be? Last month Eight2Seven had the opportunity to do and Q&A with one of the cast members Amina Buddafly on her latest book called “the other woman”. We gifted her one dress thinking she would have worn it on a date, event or even club appearance. Amina gave Eight2Seven the opportunity and worn it on Love & Hip Hop. Never thinking she would have worn it on the show. If you continue to stay determine, consistent, persistent and put your faith in GOD first. God will open doors that you didn’t expect to open. As Eight2Seven continue to grow as small business, trying to figure out all the ins and out of this business. We appreciate the exposure to the max! To all business owners growing a business LITERALLY from the ground up, please Trust your struggles and never give up. Once your actions are pure as your heart and you’re living your dream. If you have the grind & hustle to match, you cannot be stop. We here at Eight2Seven don’t have it all figure out but we are learning & growing to be better and better in building a phenomenal brand. It sure is not an easy road, but it’s all worth it. Special thank you to Amina Buddafly, Shinese from Bkgirlsnightout, Monica from Stefani Style Inc. & BKLYN Commons for this amazing opportunity.

Amina @aminabuddafly
Shinese @bkgirlsnightout
Monica @stefani_style
BKLYN Commons @bklyncommons

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