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2016 Recap of Eight2Seven Boutique


What an amazing year it has been for Eight2Seven! We here at Eight2Seven want to give thanks for all of the success that came upon us. The beginning of the year we were able to accomplish a photoshoot in Miami, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. A month later we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of the boutique. From
being apart of fashion shows. Pop Up Shops, attending NY fashion week & Coteire tradeshow, taking courses to help grow the business, networking, partnership most importantly giving back to the community and connecting with the people. When having a small business, you win some you loose some. We here at Eight2Seven boutique took every trail with dignity. Every situation either good or bad help us grow as a business. As 2016 comes to an end we want to take everything positive from 2016 to carry over to 2017. 2016 was full with opportunities, growth & knowledge. Thank you to all our customers & supporters, much love and respect. We couldn’t have done it without you guys!!!

Knowledge is Power- NYC business solutions

NYC business solutions is a government funded program that makes it easier for businesses in New York City to start, operate, and grow by providing direct assistance to business owners for no cost at all. I recently had the opportunity to take full advantage of the FastTrac Growth venture program. Taking the course I had the chance to met a group of amazing business owners, who all are trying to take there business to the next level. It was an great experience to engage with fellow entrepreneurs and have discussions on personal & business relations. The course is about a 4 weeks, twice a week for 4 hours a day. I was excited that the days & hours fit right into my schedule. Being a new business owner and still trying to figure out the in’s and out of owning a business. I didn’t miss a day of class, I was eager to attend all sessions. I wanted to soak up all the knowledge I could as possible. The one thing that I really enjoyed about attending class was each evening we had a guest speaker come in and speak with us. We were able to interact with financial advisors, business owners, alumni from the FastTrac program, Patent lawyer, etc. If your a individual who needs help in taking their business to the next level I recommend in taking this class. You will not be disappointed. You will definitely benefit from taking this opportunity. Knowledge is key!

Velvet Booties for the win for Fall/Winter

2016 Fall/Winter must have are velvet booties. The velvet booties can be worn with various outfits, for many occasions. A day in the office, brunch with the gals, hot date or even business meetings and the list goes on. You can find a pair from various designers from high end to lower price.

The two brands we are referring to today are from Zara and Steve Madden which are both affordable, pricing from $69.90-$99.95. This season designers are kicking it up a notch adding variation of colors and even prints. The holidays are coming up, what other way of getting dressed up with some velvet booties. Easily worn with some tight leg pants, fitted jeans, leggings, pencil or flare skirt, fitted or flare dresses. Be a fashionista a get a pair, be trendy and feel fabulous!!


Eight2Seven X IAM Community

Saturday November 5 2016  I’AM community put together a creative idea event held in Brooklyn, NY.  The creative idea event was created to help dreamers to take action on their dreams, while receiving information & knowledge on the creative Idea program. Which is a 14 day coaching and strategy initiative.

Teaming up with CEO of “I’AM community” Nikkie Pryce was an amazing opportunity. Nikkie has earned the title of “self-love” influencer through her organization the I’AM community. She provides strategies that you can put into action to help you be successful. Everyone needs a little push or someone to motivate them in some shape or form. Nikkie is the one to get the job done.

As the Eight2Seven brand is growing each day, we try to find new ways to expand and market the brand. That being said we reach out to Nikkie Pryce to help us create a media kit. In which she most definitely executed. If your a small business looking to expand and get sponsors or partners. A media kit is one of the outlets to do to get the right exposure you need.

Guests attending the event was greeted by Nikkie Pyrce bubbly personality. Followed by a brief information on her marketing, branding & sales techniques. Guests were able to network and support the vendors in which Eight2Seven was one of the participating vendors. What really caught my eye during the whole event? The way Nikkie captive her audience instilling powerful affirmations. She allowed her guests to be involved by making them say aloud affirmations. Motivating and speaking into existence that they can achieve what they need to make it to the next level.

Eight2Seven Boutique appreciate and we are thankful to be apart of the Creative Idea event. It was a pleasure to be apart and attend such an empowering event. If anyone needs help in building a brand or self love motivation, please feel free to contact Nikkie Pyrce with below contacts.




Breast Cancer Walk @ Prospect Park Brooklyn,NY

Breast cancer is a Fibrocystic breast disease, that effects numerous women and some men but it’s rare. The older you get the higher the risk rises. Breast self exams and mammography can help detect the cancer early, it can also be a family trait. Breast cancer can effect an individual physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. We here at Eight2Seven always want to give a helping hand when we can to support breast cancer awareness.

This is our 3rd year joining the fun by walking and donating to Making Strides against breast cancer- American Cancer society. Thousands of Brooklynites gather together to express hope and celebration of survivorship. The three mile walk was held at prospect park Brooklyn, NY Sunday October 16 2016 at 10 am. This was an awesome way to start a Sunday. Everyone was in a joyous mood having a great time. While making our way to the finish line, on the sidelines there were cheerleaders cheering the walkers, students playing in the band. If you are from Brooklyn or know about Brooklyn it’s definitely a melted Caribbean culture. Some walkers brought “carnival” to the walk, team group walkers had steel pan & music playing and even walking on stilts.

The walkers had this unity while walking that you just wanted to embrace and be apart of. Eight 2 Seven had a grand time every year, when we cross the finish line it was a liberating feeling. It was great cardio action while accomplishing a goal with a cause behind it. We here at Eight 2 Seven hearts go out deeply to the individuals & families that have to face this issue. We just want to help make a greater impact in fight against breast cancer.


Eight 2 Seven X Urban Fashion Sense

On September 25,2016 Eight2Seven boutique took part in a fashion forum, presented by the fashion marketing group Urban Fashion Sense. Founder of urban fashion sense Imani Clark reached out and invited us. Anything fashion related we are always willing to attend. The forum was hosted by K.Styles(Kiara Holt) personal shopper for Saks  fifth Avenue. Panelist included Reemo- Creative director for Riche Threads clothing, Naja Walker-Owner of Yale NYC, Carlovy Musicc- Artist/Entertainmer, DeWayne Thomas-fashion consultant Saks fifth Avenue Studio services. Last but not least Nastassia M. Owner of Eight2Seven boutique.

Meeting of the minds was from 7 pm to 9:45 pm. Location was the heart of the shopping district Soho in NYC, a studio space on Broadway. When I arrived I thought I was just attending the forum, come to find out I was participating in the forum. Even though I was a bit nervous, I said to myself just roll up your sleeves and roll with the punches. Never had I participate in a forum before, so this was all new to me.

“Meeting of the Minds” fashion forum was an awesome experience from start to finish. From the discussions to every great individual that was involved. At the round table we discuss various topics from, what struggles do we face with building a brand? What influence us? What advice would we give to the future generations? Plus a host of other questions. I was so intrigued in hearing everyone’s feedback, everyone’s journey is written differently.

We laughed, we joked and shared knowledge and life experiences. For something I never did before, I enjoyed every second and didn’t want it to end. I had the chance to connect and network with some dope like minded individuals. Eight2Seven boutique wants to send a huge thank you to Urban Fashion Sense. We are so honored to be apart of a forum that was motivating and empowering.

Hey fashion lovers if you are interested in contacting anyone from the Urban Fashion Sense forum “Meeting of the Minds”

contact information is listed below. 👇🏾

Urban Fashion Sense-Founder: Imani Clark Imani@urbanfashionsense.com

K.Styles(Personal Stylist) Kiaraholt@gmail.com

DeWayne Thomas (Fashion consultant) Dewthomas24@gmail.com

Reemo(Creative Director Riche Threads) Richethreads@gmail.com

Carlovy (Artist/Entertainmer) Carlovymusic@ gmail.com

Naja Walker(Owner of Yael) najawalkerllc@ gmail.com


Cotiere Sep 18-20 @ Jacob Javits Center

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For all you don’t know what Coterie is, let me explain. Coterie is the global marketplace that combines women’s apparel and accessory designers to the international of retailers. Coterie is a trade show displaying brands which buyers can interact and develop business relationships within each other. This is Eight2seven boutique 2nd year attending Coterie. We are super excited to attend the festivities and always looking forward to see what’s out in the market. While at Coterie we get a chance to scout out any new brands that we would like to feature in the boutique. We also get a chance to view pervious brands we currently do business with.



While attending Coterie, you will get a taste of this season fashion looks. The must buy trends and what’s to come in the near season. It was an delightful experience to browse each booth of different brands from Kendall+Kylie, Daniella Lehavi, Farm, Amenpapa, & French Rebellion just to a few. Coterie is held around the same time every year at the infamous Jacob Javits center 37th Street @ 11th avenue, this year dates were September 18,19,20. We attended 1 out of the 3 days, Saturday, September 2016. We arrived after shortly 1 pm and stayed almost to the end. We were exhausted but enjoy every minute.


Cotiere was an awesome experience, we were able to get direct insights on how some of the brands started. At Coterie your able to view the designers merchandise and feel the textile quality of each garment. Every year at Coterie, we just can’t wait until the next year. Fashion business owners, Fashion Editors & Fashion Stylist should take the opportunity  to attend at least once an experience you don’t want to miss out on.


New York Fashion Week Recap Sep. 13-14 2016

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Living in New York it’s a pleasure to have the experience of attending some fantastic shows. During NY fashion week designers from all over the globe get to showcase their designs. I was able to view Lan Yu & Runa Ray Spring/Summer 2017 collection. The festivities were held at The Dock, Skylight at Moywhan station [360 West 33rd St New York 10001 NY].

Fashion lovers came out eager to see the designers new SS17 collection. Lan Yu is a Chinese fashion designer based in Beijing. The models were ready to hit the catwalk in Lan Yu latest designs of wedding dresses and haute couture. Towards exiting the show I had a chance to interact with the beautiful & talented R&B singer Amerie and get a quick selfie. The next day I attended Runa Ray show. Runa Ray is born of Indian heritage, her collection feature a mixture of haute couture and ready to wear. Both designers garments were immaculate to their tasting. It was an awesome time, glad I had the opportunity to attend and enjoy each show.

Runa Ray SS17 collection

Runa Ray SS17 collection

Lan Yu SS17 Collection

Lan Yu SS17 Collection


American recording R&B artist Amerie

American recording R&B artist Amerie

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