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Afternoon of Fashion


On October 1 2017 it was a breathe of fresh air to attend Tiffany Toussaint’s new velvet collection fashion show. Surprisingly I wore velvet not knowing that velvet was the theme of the collection. I was prepared to be apart of the show. The event was held in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn, not only the weather was perfect. The ambiance of the fashion show was immaculate and well put together. Light drinks and hors d’oeuvres was sereved that was very pleasing to the taste buds. The show 1st started with motivational speaker Nikkie Pyrce. She spoke on taking the next step to motivate yourself on moving forward with your dreams. Nikkie had the crowd in tune, even giving away a signed copy of her new book called “Dreamers, Take Action!”. Followong schedule the beautiful models graced the cat walk. Designer Tiffany Toussaint created each garment precisely with great dedication to the women’s body. The colors she chose were likable to all skin tones. Each model was as if they wore an invisible crown and they took each step with courage of loyalty. They may or may not felt that way, but that’s the aura the material was giving off. We were overly pleased with each design that was displayed. After all the models were showcased the designer herself came out to speak that was heart warming to the ears. Tiffany thanked everyone in attendance and also the team of people that helped the day a success. Closing of the show everyone was able  to network and enjoy the rest of the event. We here at Eight2Seven had a splendid time and loved Tiffany Toussaint’s new collection. Over all the experience was amazing, not only the event displayed someone’s talent. You also left the event encouraged and motivated to keep pushing for your dreams!!!


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