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Welcome to Eight 2 Seven

Eight 2 Seven is a company ready to bring quality products to the everyday consumer while instilling a sense of good fortune, life and positive energy. This brand is geared towards the fashionistas, young professionals; It girls, with a modern/chic/sexy/contemporary look. Eight 2 Seven want to ensure not only good products and great customer service but we want to bring LIFE to your wardrobe and personality. Eight 2 Seven is looking to build a relationship with our consumers and making sure all of our customers are satisfied in the best way as possible. Eight 2 Seven wants to welcome you to a movement that we’re proud of you to be a part of.

Meet the Owner

Nastassia Morrison was born on August 27 (Eight2Seven) in Kingston, Jamaica. Raised in Canarsie Brooklyn, New York with a pinch of the sunshine state Florida in her. A Jamaican would refer to her as an American, yet she has the blood and lion heart of her homeland. Nastassia is a 2013 graduate from New York City College of Technology with an associate degree in fashion marketing. Her passion equals fashion, her determination is indescribable yet speaks great volumes. Her trial and tribulations make her whole. Nastassia is revealing a movement for the world to see. Instantly when you interact with her you know she is full of style. She’s ready to take what LIFE has to offer. She has come to the realization that god planted a seed and she’s walking in the path that he design her to be. Nastassia Morrison would like to welcome you to Eight 2 Seven women’s clothing boutique.

-“Trust Your Struggle”

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